Most popular and cost-effective way to ship a vehicle. More open-air carriers on the road than any other carrier type.

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Enclosed Car

Protected from weather elements and road debris. Offers the highest level of vehicle security and protection.

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Long distance, coast-to-coast transport service delivered in just 5-8 days.


Dedicated trucks constantly traveling up and down the East Coast to serve our seasonal residents.

College Car

Ship your car to or from any campus in the country with our convenient door-to-door college vehicle shipping services.


Door-to-door shipping to/from any base in the nation. Special rates on military auto transport service for active duty members or veterans.


Ship your ready-to-ride motorcycle to anywhere in the nation including national rallies including airport pick-up and delivery service.

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RV's & More

Technical specialists on hand to oversee the specialized shipment and correct handling and storage equipment solutions for a safe voyage.

If you need to ship vehicles across longer distances, you need to turn to the shipping experts at DRS Transports. We have extensive experience handling all types of transportation needs for individuals and businesses. We understand that cross country transportation and relocation can be difficult, so let us take some of the burdens off of your plate. Here, our cross-country transportation experts want to discuss this process, the safety of our transportation, and how you can get ahold of us when you need help.

What is cross country shipping?

Shipping your vehicle across the country is exactly what it sounds like, and there are various reasons why cross-country vehicle transportation is a better option than driving a car to its final destination. Most people choose to ship their cars because they do not want to drive them. Quite simply, there are various costs of driving your car across the country. This includes:

  • Wear and tear on the vehicle
  • Gasoline
  • Food
  • Lodging

We also want to consider what we call economics the “opportunity cost” of driving your vehicle across the country. That is, what are you giving up by driving the vehicle yourself? Would your time not be better spent doing other things in preparation for a relocation? Are you missing work because you have to drive your vehicle across the country?

Cross-country transportation options we offer

At DRS Transports, we offer a range of vehicle transportation options. This includes:

At DRS Transports, we offer military discounts to the women and men who have courageously served this country. Our pricing is incredibly reasonable when compared to others in the industry, so please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate of your shipping needs today.

Why choose DRS Transports for your cross country transportation needs?

The qualified and experienced team at DRS Transports is made up of trusted industry professionals who have years of experience moving vehicles and goods. We offer convenient solutions, and we will not hassle you with tireless forms, maps, and quotes. Our goal is to simplify this system so you can focus on other things in your life.

Our team of dedicated transportation agents is available seven days a week to make sure that your vehicle reaches his destination safely. We are safe, but we get the job done quickly. At DRS Transports, we understand that no one wants to wait weeks or months for their vehicle to be shipped. Finally, we are trusted by others. Our customers trust our transportation services because we do it right the first time.

Call our team today for a free estimate for your transportation needs

If you or somebody you care about is relocating or needs to ship vehicles across long distances, you can contact the experts at DRS Transports today. We understand that cross-country transportation of household goods or vehicles can seem daunting, but we want to make this easy for you. When you need a cross-country transportation expert, you can contact us for information regarding your transportation needs by clicking here or calling 888-483-8485.

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